BlueIQ's Practice Mastery Summit

Your Leadership Key

Dates TBA for 2021

Make 30% More This year - Save Thousands on Overhead - Materialize Your Vision Faster

No Venders - No Sales Pitches - Pure Transformation

Conference Held at the Grand America

This Training Summit Will:

  • Expand your vision
  • Improve your hiring and onboarding processes
  • 12 steps to leadership transformation
  • Develop your most powerful marketing assets
  • ​Learn the latest marketing systems that work
  •  Connect with our community
  • Crush your 2021 goals

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“Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. it will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.” 
- Robin S. Sharma


Discover what has been holding you back from achieving your next level of success.  Gain ground breaking Leadership Skills.
Discover your core values and build your team policies. Dive deep into discovering what really makes you wake up charged! 
Marketing practices that will build you an endless supply of new patients. This is a workshop where you will be creating content and getting your marketing calendar built! 

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My team and I have spent years building and perfecting the 6 Key Systems. After running my own Integrated Clinic for 20 years I realized there had to be a better way. I studied thousands of successful practices and invested millions to unlock the secret formula, and now... I want to share it with you. 
BlueIQ Profit Formula Course and 6 Key Systems have produced hundreds of high performing, integrated practices. 

Update your Leadership Skills to create 30-120% Growth - With Confidence.

Join the Evolution, Grow your Dream Practice! 
BlueIQ, and Your Practice Evolution, is proud to announce the release of the  "6 Key Systems" from Dr. Cory 

The first system is "Leadership Transformation". After working with thousands of practices it has become crystal clear that the highest performing ones have a highly trained leader in place. If you are ready to make 2021 your most successful decade yet, come join us for 3 magical days where you will be personally trained by Dr. Cory. This truly transformational process was created to develop and perfect your skills as a transformational leader. This is a action taking summit, where you learn, do the work and take home the curriculum to transform your own team. 

At the Summit you will be working with other practice owners like you who are ready to evolve to their dream practice. You will become the leader you need to reach your dream practice. All of the other key systems just as incredible but this one is the cornerstone! If you don't have the foundational skills to lead your team to success, every other system will be limited. Come spend 3 glorious days evolving within to become the best version of yourself. 

Package One Includes
- 3 Day training by Dr. Cory Frogley and team 
- lunch each day included
- Learn a whole new way to hire and onboard to ensure you have A team members
- 12 week Curriculum for personal transformation 
- Digital curriculum to take home and transform your team
- marketing workshop to built scripts, calendars and events to create an endless supply of new patients

Package Two Includes:
- Everything inside of package 1. As part of the marketing workshop we will be writing marketing scripts. One of them will be for your most important marketing video. On day 3 our professional team will shoot that video for you, professionally edit it and provide it to you as one of your most important marketing assets. They will deliver it for you within 2 weeks after the conference. (video can be up to 2 min)

Event Details

-Salt Lake City - Grand America Hotel
-15 min from Salt Lake City International Airport
-Room Discounts available
-Right in the heart of shopping and historic sites
-40 min from Park City
-Surrounded by world class skiing


Package One - 2 Attendees for $1497

  • ​Includes 2 attendees
  • ​Attend all 3 days
  • ​Lunch Included all 3 days
  •  12 step transformational experience
  • ​Develop your vision, hiring, onboarding and team development process
  • ​Marketing secrets
  • ​Develop marketing calendar
  • ​Create powerful marketing scripts

Package Two- 2 Attendees for $1997 

  • ​Includes 2 attendees
  • ​LIMITED Number Available
  • ​Includes everything in package one
  • ​Professional video package for your most important marketing video  (a $1500 Value)
  • ​Professional edit of your video delivered to you within 14 days after the event - See sample video above

Money Back Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied at the end of our first day of the event, contact one of our event coordinators and let them know. We are so confident you will LOVE this we have 100% money back Guarantee.

What Are BlueIQ's 6-Key Systems

  • Leadership Transformation: Spend 3 days experiencing this transformational summit and gain the skills to evolve your own team.
  • Marketing: In partnership with Blue Digital Media, a combination of a done for you and done with you program to optimize your 6 lead generators to ensure you have a full schedule of new patients.
  • Exam and Case Acceptance: A live training event to help you and your case manager master the art of high case acceptance.
  • ​Front Desk Certification: This online course was built to certify your front desk team member and help them master their KPI's.
  • ​Production Evolution: Learn the latest in patient services that will drive your results and increase your collections per visit.
  • ​Office Manager Certification: This online course trains your office manager to run the practice for you. They will learn the skills to hire, train and manage your team. 

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Clear Vision
 Create Leadership Foundation for
 30-120% Practice Growth!
Leadership Skills to Sustain Long Term Profitability in your Practice.
Gain Life Changing Curriculum to Lead Your Team to Success!

Discover Dr. Cory's Secrets to a Thriving Practice

2021 Leadership Key Event
Salt Lake City, UT

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Discover the Transformation 
 $200 Off 

Sign Up Before Dec 31st, 2021

Join The Evolution

Most people think the secret sauce to practice growth is throwing more money at marketing and hiring more employees. Yeah.. I tried that and guess what I got. MORE HEADACHES!
After working with thousands of successful practices the REAL secret sauce for practice SUSTAINABLE growth is implementing a system like BlueIQ to know your numbers, connect your team to those numbers, develop those skills around what will improve the numbers and then implement success, proven systems to build sustainable growth year after year! 

Join the Evolution, Grow your Dream Practice! 

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About Dr. Cory Frogley

I grew up on the footsteps of Palmer College in Davenport Iowa.  My dad was the Executive Vice President of Palmer College and 5 of my 6 brothers are Palmer Graduates including me. 

My goal over the past 20 years has been to create a better practice experience for all – practice owners, team members and patients alike. For me my dreams started as a young boy watching my Dad dedicate his life to the Chiropractic profession. It ignited my passion for helping practice owners worldwide learn the secrets to producing 7 Figures and Beyond with Your Practice Evolution. 

I can tell you there's nothing that ignites my fire more than working directly with providers who want to expand their influence, grow their patient base, create financial stability and impact our profession.

I strive every day to help practice owners learn the key secrets of high performing teams. It is these principles that help our doctors create, ignite and evolve to the practice of their dreams.

I'm humbled to have worked with so many who are now thriving! I am truly grateful, that these systems have changed my life for the better, now I'm dedicated to impacting the lives of others.

Join me for the Leadership Transformation Summit and together we will develop the practice you've always dreamed of.

Map Out Your Future Growth. Optimize and Scale your Leadership.
 Take Back Control of Your Time and Your Practice. 

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